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Thread: *pricecheck* shuttle st62k and stuff

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    *pricecheck* shuttle st62k and stuff


    I'm considering flogging off one of my Shuttles to clear a little space and raise funds for a new machine. Not 100% if I will sell it or just press it into use elsewhere at the mo but I have...

    Shuttle ST62K
    Celeron 2.8Ghz (running happily at 3.2Ghz)
    1Gb PC3200 (generic bog standard stuff)
    80Gb WD + 200Gb Maxtor IDE drives
    Geforce 6200 PCI (not PCI-E!)
    Pioneer slot load DVDROM

    Any ideas what this might raise?



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    £100-120 is the most I'd personally pay. Nothing that stands out, bar the chassis itself, and 2nd hand chassis aren't very good 2nd hand sellers.

    You'd probably see £150 or so on Ebay with the hype things tend to develop, but I wouldn't aim high to begin with.

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