I decided that it's about time I upgraded to a TFT/LCD monitor for my 2D/3D gaming needs.

The TFT will be mainly used for 3D PC FPS, 2D vertical Arcade Shoot Em Ups on MAME emulator and will also be connected to my consoles PS1/2,Dreamcast,Saturn via analog RGB and play 2D vertical shooters (Psyvariar II,Mushihimesama,etc...) in Vertical mode (TATE).

The EIZO FlexScan S1911, looks ideal for the task, as it has the lowest response time 6ms/2ms out of the rest of the EIZO TFTs.


However, I noticed that this monitor only supports pivot/rotate 10° Right, 92° Left, so if I connect one of my consoles and try to play a 2D shooter in Vertical (TATE) mode, the game will scroll downwards, as the monitor can only be rotated 92° Left, not right!
On the PC, you can fix this problem by flipping the display any way you like, either via MAME or from the display driver options of the Video card, but on a console you don't always have this option.

I noticed that there are infact some discontinued EIZO Models that supported pivot/rotate 90° Right, 90° Left!

It sucks that they didn't include this feature in their newer model.

So, what are my options to work around this problem with this specific EIZO model, or what other models do you suggest based on my needs?

Thanks in advance.