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Thread: System upgrading help please :)

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    System upgrading help please :)

    Hey there i am currently using a pc which i built a few years ago, i use it mainly for gaming and some work, these days though the fps can be lacking on the newer games to be released.

    I didnt really know where to start so i got a pc mag and through some good reviews and benchmarks for average priced graphics cards i'll start with a ati sapphire radeon 1960pro @ £130 its the price i want and it did well in benchmarks, where do i go from here?

    please help me

    i was currently thinkin a AM2 athlon 64 4200+ duel core cpu, a ASUS M2N32-SLi Deluxe or pro mobo, and god damn i have no idea where to start with ram

    not sure on what people know about how well these work together, and if there is a better make of motherboard to get for a certain make of gfx and make of cpu, eg if only nvidea gfx work best with amd etc

    so if someone can tell me what they think is best with a budget of around 110£ per component

    thanks in advance
    -nooby user

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    e4300/e6300 and a 965 chipset mobo? 6400/8500ddr2 ram? should work better than a 4200 dual core

    id go for that unless you really want AMD?

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