We had trouble last night

Whiel I was on with Knx and Shoit....they showed Pings of 50ish....most of the time.

And yet Deckard couldn't get in at all......not could Trig but thats another thing

Now...FB used to default to 14.4 modem I think..or 28.8....cant remember

But the new one defaulted to ISDN

What SHOULD i have set it too......I moved it to CABLE as I was the server...maybe that was wrong. Dunno. Anyone with experience on it.

Also.....should I up my Memory Amount? I used to have 1 gig but went down to 512 when I got some really fast Mushkin from David.....180FSB currently 2-6-2-2

Maybe the bandwidth ait as vital as the amount in FB.

Any thoughts people....hit me with it.