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Thread: Hexus Horde Guild Roster

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    Hexus Horde Guild Roster

    Hexus Horde Guild Roster

    Server: Arathor

    Leon: Thor, Tauren Shamen, Leatherworking, Skinning

    MBlaster: Slarys, Undead Rogue, Skinning, Leatherworking

    Tig: Lummie, Tauren Shamen, Blacksmithing, Mining
    Mullok, Troll Warrior, Blacksmithing and Mining

    Vimeous: Dragnar, Troll Hunter, Leatherworking, Skinning

    BeanBandit: Pug, Troll Mage, Herbalism, Alchemy

    mike_w: Makgrosh, Orc Warlock, Tailoring, Skinning

    daverobev: Mattak, Tauren Druid, Mining, Enchanting

    ToMmEh: Thomina, Undead Mage, Tailoring, Enchanting
    Trogdor, Troll hunter, Skinning and leather working

    Monkey: Monkey, Tauren Druid, Skinning and Leatherworking

    Teepee: Lilith, Undead Warlock, Mining, Engineering

    Rhyth: Rafe, Orc Shaman, <undefined professions>

    Az: Az, Undead Priest, <undefined professions>

    Allen: Rentau, Tauren Druid, Herbalism and Skinning
    Kerilus, Undead Mage, Tailoring and Enchanting

    Scientist: Velan, Tauren Warrior, Skinning, Leatherworking

    MadMax: Maximo, Tauren Warrior, <undefined professions>

    Klarrix: Klarrix, Troll Priest, Herbalism and Alchemy

    Wedge22: Repas, Troll Priest, Skinning and Enchanting

    Coda: Wusung, Undead Warrior, <undefined professions>

    day_ainsco: Lumos, Troll Mage, Herbalism and Alchemy

    Stoo: Isadrel, Undead Warlock, Mining and Tailoring
    Balkron, Tauren Druid, Skinning and Leatherworking

    Fl33ty: Kaelan, Undead Warrior, Mining and Blacksmithing

    Beach: Lugash, Orc warrior, Skinning and Mining
    Khalik, Tauren Druid, <undefined professions>

    Dooms: Dooms, Undead Rogue, Talioring and Enchanating
    Ein, Tauren Druid, Enchanting and Tailoring

    Green Piggy: GreenPiggy, Tauren Hunter, Skinning and Leatherworking

    ERU: ERU, Troll Rogue, Skinning and Leatherworking

    Menthel: Graxar, Troll Rogue, Skinning and leatherworking

    Romanov: Reginald, Tauren Warrior, Skinning and Leatherworking
    Luterian, Tauren Hunter, Skinning and Leatherworking

    Bertie: Bertie, Undead Mage, Mining and Skinning

    e-LAN-go: Jabba, Orc shaman, <undefined professions>

    Geist: Azog, Orc Warrior, Blacksmithing and Mining

    Wildmonkey: Corpsemaker, Tauren Druid, Skinning and Enchanting

    Ravenblood: Ravenblood, Troll Hunter, Skinning and leatherworking

    Rafe: Rafe, Orc Shaman, Leatherworking and Skinning

    Az: Az, Undead Priest, Alchemy, Herbalism

    Madocks: Madocks, Orc Hunter, Leatherworking, Skinning

    Mr_anderson187: Orimus, Orc Shaman, Alchemy and Herbalism
    Tiramus, Troll Rogue, Mining and Engineering

    Balkoth: Balgor, Orc Hunter

    Please do not reply to this thread, if changes needed to be made or people wish to be added please pm me.
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