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Thread: Dragnar - Finally back up and running.

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    Dragnar - Finally back up and running.

    After my extended absence I'm finally back into the fray hurrah! Just to set the tone I dived straight into Wailing Caverns last night alongside a posse of Hexusites, bent on the elimination of all Deviates everywhere! Happily we were largely triumphant, though there are some loose ends that need tidying (damn serpentbloom!). I thoroughly enjoyed myself so many thanks to all involved!

    I was running on 56k with both WOW and TS running and suffer some lag but not of the game ceasing variety which was a relief. I've still not finished unpacking in my new digs (now into the 5th week) so I'll be playing on and off BUT I ordered ADSL 10mins ago and can't wait to rejoin the fray on a 2Mb line!

    Back to WOW. I'm a leatherworker (+skinning) looking to level up quickly so I'll make whatever I can for those in need and also be looking for any good value leather or hide (all types) passing through the guild. In addition:

    Deviate Scale Belt
    I am now capable of making this lvl18 blue leather belt. I have a small supply of deviate scale but anyone who wants the belt will also need to supply 10 perfect deviate scale for me to complete the item.

    I am after perfect deviate scale for my own needs in case anyone has some lying around!

    If anyone has any sticky glue I'm after some for pet training purposes.

    Two-handed Swords
    I currently have three 13.1dps two-handed swords available for sale. I intend to auction them in the next two days unless someone needs them.

    If you just happen to come across a decent lvl 18-20 bow in the near future I'm certainly in the market!

    Anyway back to the grindstone!

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    Nice to have you back.

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    Welcome back o/

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