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Thread: Joystick settings?

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    Joystick settings?

    I have a Saitek Cyborg EVO and was wondering if someone with the same joystick could mail me their settings please as i am finding it hard to setup.

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    The best way to do it chap is just play with it... it'll take ages, but you'll get there in the end. Get online and have a fly about, and you'll soon work out what isn't working. You can then remap whichever control you had the issue with and try it again. If it's "right" (and it's purely down to personal preference here) it'll feel naturally and you won't have to be a finger gymnast to make it happen. Took me about 3 months to sort out my config to point where I'm happy with it - just be thankful you aint got an X45 - Deckard's still playing with his....

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    In IL2 itself have a look at your input settings in there. Have a fiddle with the settings for pitch and roll etc. See what works for you, I have mine set to fairly normal for small movements of the stick to extreme movement kicking in around 90% of the sticks full movement, so I know that fully back really is fully back!

    As to button assignments, weapon 1 will obviously be the trigger, set weapon 2 to the next most comfortable button. After that you want the gunsight view (shift-F1), zoomed out, normal and zoomed in views.

    You can set padlock to a button too, but most servers dont fly with the padlock enabled.

    After that you'll want radiator and flaps, or if you have a padlock button assign then set a look forward with padlock button to be able to glance forward to check where you're headed while still maintaining padlock.

    I havent bothered too much about weapon 3+4 as you dont use them as much.

    Yep, thats about it I reckon... a quick recap.

    Machine Guns
    (padlock view forward)
    Radiator cowling

    Everything else like, engine start, gear etc you can leave on the keyboard, you'll only hit most of them the once in an entire flight.

    One more thing, try and group things together, so stick all your views in one place, all your weaps and targetting together etc. I ahve my flaps, radiator and gear all on the same hat switch, but I'm lucky enough to have an X45 with more buttons that a Cadbury's factory.....
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