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Thread: Wow Problem

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    Wow Problem

    Hi I hope someone can help me with this bizzare problem as I have run out of ideas.

    Im an online gamer and love playing World of warcraft with my girlfriend

    I have a D-Link router DSL - G624M and we both have our own accounts of the game, we can surf all day and my connection is solid which also connects at 8.1mbs.

    I recently moved house and switched to a new ISP and since have been plagued by some horrible in-game disconnects.

    the bizzare problem is that it will only affect 1 of the 2 pc's never both at the same time what tends to happen is it will begin to lag, then the game freeze and will either catch up after 30 seconds or boot one of us out, either way it is unplayable but the internet connection still remains.

    I have updated on both PC's the graphics drivers, defraged, virus checked, spyware checked etc and there are no problems that I can see.
    I havent updated the Sound Card driver but will if it makes a difference?

    I have followed blizzards (the game makers) instructions on their website but theres nothing I can do to stop this random disconection problem.

    I've looked at my network configuration and so far I have on both pcs

    Checksome Offload - enable
    Flow control - enable
    IEEE802 Support Disable
    Jumbo Fram Payload Size - 1500
    Low Power State Link speed - Enable
    Nework Address - not present
    Optimize for - Throuput
    Segmentation Offload - enable
    Speed Duplex settings - Force 100 Full Duplex
    VLAN id - 1
    VLAN Support - disable
    WakeonLan From Power off -Enable

    The only settings I have changed here are recomandations from Blizzard in that I should Force 100 Full Duplex and Optimize for throuput.

    The other settings I havent changed and to be honest I don't know what they do anyway, Im not sure if the problem lies here.

    I'm trying to update my drivers for the network card to rule out that possibility but my pc is a Lan Party Ultra D and the other is an Asus SLI Delexue
    Im using the nforce nvidia networking controller (not the Marvel Yukon Ethernet Controller) on both pcs and looking at the driver its dated from the 24/11/2004 (it is an onboard motherboard network port, part of the chipset). Perhaps that really should be updated?
    I've been to Nvidia's site and thought I was downloading an updated driver, installed it but it didn't change anything so I assume it wasn't that one.

    So I'm really not sure what to do or where to go next, totally bafflled I know this problem is just isolated to me as when I do play online in Raids etc there are 40 people in the Raid group, all of who don't get disconnected at all.
    whats stranger is it can occur slightly then go away then come back when you least expect it.

    Thanks in advance for any help

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    Quote Originally Posted by kinkladze10
    The only settings I have changed here are recomandations from Blizzard in that I should Force 100 Full Duplex and Optimize for throuput.
    They also recommeded that Checksum Offload be disabled, from your list its enabled, and that you should delete WTF,WDB and the Interface folders. Deleting these folders will reset the game to how it was when you first installed it. Make sure you have the latest version of all mods and that you can reset them to how you had them set up.

    I've been having the same problem and have done alll as suggested and so far it seems to have stopped the random dc'c.

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    sorry my bad checksum WAS disabled.

    I've tried the whole delete WTF WDB etc and interface, have tried without all my mods too
    still no difference
    Same random d/ns which leads me to beleive it's not a mod issue.

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    I have read on the WoW forums that some people are have terrible lag and getting d/c'ed. They traced it to something off-land, as in not in the UK, it was a jump in the connection to Telia or something. Maybe if you post on the WoW Forums they might be able to shine some light on the problem.

    Sorry I can't be of anymore help. Hope you get it sorted soon tho.
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