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Thread: Dell Studio XPS advice

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    Dell Studio XPS advice


    I posted in an earlier thread. I asked for advice regarding a Dell XPS 420 PC.

    I have just noticed the Studio XPS PC though. For a similar price to the 420, it provides an Intel i7 Processor 920 (2.66GHz, 8MB cache, 4.8GT/sec), 6GB RAM, and an ATI 4850 card for £938.

    The XPS420 however contained a Quadcore (2.66ghz, 12mb cache), 4gb RAM, and the ATI4850 card for £987.

    My question relates to:

    1) whether the Studio XPS is better value for money due to the i7 processor (which I presume is better than the Quadcore).

    2) The studio XPS comes with a 64 bit Vista OS (no idea why Dell cant offer a 32bit choice too). Are there issues with running common software applications or hardware with 64 bit Vista? In the past I have heard people having problems with 64bit Windows XP. For a home user who plays games, is it best to avoid 64bit Vista?

    I look forward to any replies,

    Thank you.

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    Re: Dell Studio XPS advice

    Me again then,

    1) The studio range will have a very slightly lesser service when it comes to warranty, by which I mean it probably won't be available 24/7 like the XPS one will. Quality of those proprietary parts may be very slightly worse (but I doubt it) and the case might not be a nice quality or noise wise (no idea about the specifics of either though).

    i7 is also a quad core .. but a better one.

    Get it.

    2) Vista 64bit is actually highly comptabile with most software. Old.. very old software might have issues, old games that aren't patched up etc.. but generally speaking it is very good

    Call dell and see if they will change the OS for you if you are not happy.

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    Re: Dell Studio XPS advice

    Thanks again!

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