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Thread: Help Gaming PC

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    Ok just a sec ill watch this.

    Windows looks better its not a massive difference but its still there.

    What are your thoughts on this then?

    Note this was posted in 2011 so there probably better options!?

    What about this
    Would this work with ps3 and also with games which aren't 3D ( like most ) ?
    Any other suggestions apreciated!

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    Re: Help Gaming PC

    PS3 should be able to work as a 3D Bluray player, so it aught to work.
    A smaller TV would also double up as a possible PC monitor in the future, but if you have space for a 42" screen then that would be awesome for PS3 use

    I would strongly suggest getting to a store and having a look though if you can.
    I think all the panels in these passive 3D TVs are made by LG so I don't know how different they really are. The local Tesco around here had a good offer on recently too so worth looking around.

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    Re: Help Gaming PC

    Plopguy1, I have merged some of your posts in the interests of thread readability. If you need to add to a post, please use the edit post icon.

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    Anything decent on here?
    Just gotta add monitor, os and keyboard!

    That above is interesting but this is probably better
    What about the £419.00 one?

    Its prebuilt and only £3 more than cat-the-fith 's build!
    But is it good enough, it does have the nvidia geforce graphicscard.

    Pls go to my newest thread:

    Its most uptodate!

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