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Thread: Acer laptop travelmate aspire comparison

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    Lightbulb Acer laptop travelmate aspire comparison

    Hello all

    I've been researching a new laptop recently.

    Mainly I looked at the £500-£600 range looking to maximise power for the money.
    Although it's the site I personally use for PC buying I found was not particularly good for laptops.
    I found to have a better range and be better priced.

    My criteria was i5 processor and a trackpad with proper buttons - not button-zones marked on the pad. I use mouse when in the office but this laptop needs to travel round a lot. I really dislike the current trend of all in one trackpads and have no idea why the manufacturers think they're a good idea.

    I've just been comparing the following:

    Travelmate 5460: £517.49inc. vat

    Aspire V3-571G: £557.50inc. vat

    For £40 extra that buys a proper nvidia graphics cards and 4GB more RAM, which is a significant advantage.

    My question to the people of this board is as follows:
    The Aspire appears considerably more powerful for a small amount of extra money. Is this really the case?

    ... and if anyone has any strong recommendations, I'm open to them.

    Edit: I'm only interested in the hardware here - Windows 8 is a non-issue as I have spare a Windows 7 copy to install if necessary.
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