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Thread: Price Check: Corsair HX850W PSU!

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    Price Check: Corsair HX850W PSU!

    Hi folks,

    So whats my beloved PSU worth, only downside would seem to be that I've no longer got the box, but anyone who has had items from me knows I pack well!

    Its comes complete with the bag and leads!

    So any ideas as to what I'll get at least after postage?

    BTW, same goes for a Dark Pro 1200w P8, thats complete and boxed, almost mint with very little usage, just downgrading my setups, all now becoming pretty much browsing rigs!


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    Re: Price Check: Corsair HX850W PSU!

    If your selling on ebay i would say £50 as the person who buys it will not be able to RMA if it brakes as they were not the original purchaser.

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