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Thread: corsair grrrr

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    corsair grrrr

    well it happened corsair psu died again .. playing world of war planes and it just shut down .. just hoping my vid card is ok only been in a week r9 290 ..
    so filled out the rma lets hope they sort it soon .. this was a replacement for a v1 tx that went funny then the replacement had bad rails .. grr and this has been fine low rails but could use it ..
    maybe it was the pull of the 290 ?
    750 should have been enough to run a 8350 and a 290 ? pump and 10 fans ?
    ohhh well lets see what happens ..
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    Re: corsair grrrr

    I feel for you. Had a cheap OEM PSU once take out everything but the RAM and HDD once. Messy.

    The real value for a decent PSU is not necessarily the performance you get when it's working though, but how gracefully it fails. In my mind, that's where you spend the money on.

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    Re: corsair grrrr

    750W should be enough for those devices if you don;t overclock. Is your PSU HX750 OR CX750? Did you overclock your 290?

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