Rather like the BBC TV show, Question Time is a place for relatively serious discussion of items of topical interest.

The difference between Question Time and General Discussion is that QT is designed for proper discussion and debate, and NOT chit-chat.

Posts do not have to be lengthy or well-researched, but they SHOULD be relevant to the subject at hand. A one-line comment is fine PROVIDED it adds to the debate.

However, comments like "me too", "lol" and so forth will be treated as spam and deleted on sight.

The rules in QT are essentially the same as the main rules for the board. I would add one extra proviso, though.

PLEASE treat other posters with courtesy and respect at all times. By all means question or challenge their statements or opinions, but DO IT POLITELY. Insults, even mild ones, will NOT be tolerated. Please discuss issues, not personalities.

Some of the topics discussed in here are likely to be ones that are emotive at the best of times, and even mildly offensive remarks can cause things to escalate out of control.

Please help by keeping the atmosphere amicable.

So, in summary, the rules are :

1) No insulting remarks
2) No spam

Please check back here from time to time, as I'll publish any necessary rules updates in this post.