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    Mobile Tracking

    I find this quite shocking. I know technically it's nothing new with GPS etc but the fact that this is readily available to anyone for any mobile is disturbing. The safeguard that’s put in place IMO is not enough (in order for you to be tracked a code is sent to your phone which must be entered into the website to activate it) because this could all be done without you knowing. I know I don't keep watch of my mobile 24/7, would be easy enough for someone to get the code sent over and entered without me ever knowing. I can see how parents would have a use for it knowing where their kids are but I still find that wrong, except when used in extreme circumstances. I wouldn't want my parents to be able to trace wherever I was whenever they liked. I can also see many other practical uses for the police etc but I really think its use should be limited. I remember reading somewhere how potentially employers could make you agree to the tracking if you accept a job. Imagine that, constantly having your actions traced which is fair enough to some extent when you’re working but could so easily be misused.

    The other use is as described in that article as advertising for various services. Again, it has practical uses e.g. you are out and need somewhere to eat or stay and this will be able to work out your position and tell you the nearest hotel / restaurant. That’s all good, but what about when you start getting bombarded with stuff you really don’t need e.g. Cinema works out you are near and gives you info on cinema times, useful if you request it but I can just see this turning into mass spamming of crap you don't want.

    Big conspiracy plot now, what if it was used to build up profiles of you tracking where you go and what you do. Maybe I'm just being paranoid but I can see this leading on to so much more it's just scary how technology has evolved and what is now possible.

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    Ask TiG - he is the man for info on the legal procedures on location aware services - afaik the info isn't kept for long.
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    Don't forget - as the last line of that article points out ....
    Mr Overton said Data Protection legislation means that tracking cannot be done without consent of a handset owner.
    I'll be at the head of the list to REFUSE permission to use this.

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    I won't go into too much detail here due to the information in my head probably being subject to two NDA's.

    But considure the following...

    2 databases - 1 contains everyone's location all the time updated every time the phone gets captured, This database is of absolute confidence - NO-ONE is allowed to access this database apart from the Courts and the mobile operator.

    The 2nd database however is accessible, if A) you have permission to, its not something that they let any old joe get access to, they have to pay for access and pay per request made.

    B) the information only gets information in it if you are using a pull service, e.g the traffic service where you press 1 and it gives you your location and the traffic around you (the services i program)

    OR you give specific permission to a specific company where your details will always be available to them.

    IF you don't want anyone to track you on your mobile you can speak to your network operator and BAN anyone getting your location, BUT bare in mind that this will not stop the first database being filled. The mobile operators always know where you are and keep records of it because they are allowed to.

    However me being a third party to the network operators I AM not allowed to keep any location information on where the user was, or is. I have to go to extreme lengths to prove that you cannot find the location in web caches or anything else like that.

    Sadly last but not least, this is likely not to stay the case for long, I believe by 2005 it will go the other way, anyone can request your phones location unless you block it. This is due to a new EU directive to allow mobile phone operators to do more clever services...

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