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Thread: Just Cause 2 - PC

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    Just Cause 2 - PC

    SnootyJim gives us his verdict on Avalanche Studio's sprawling, destructive open world adventure.
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    Re: User Reviews - Just Cause 2 - PC

    While I agree with the review's sentiments, it does seem a little harsh. The score doesn't seem to match the wording IMHO, but I feel the score is about right.

    The graphics are very pretty, smooth, and not over taxing on my system (Core i7 620 @ 4.2, GTX 480 OC 850/1700/2000 @ 1920x1080).

    The grapling hook is now a little more functional than before as you can tether two vehicles together with it, which is great fun. Gas canisters take off like a rocket when shot, and these can be a great way to reach new heights. The review doesn't emphasize this fun element enough. Sure the story is as cheesy as an Baby Bell packer's fingers, but this is a game you can pick up and put down as you wish - more so than the first Just Cause which I've been playing on and off for 2 years! The fact that the game has this long term appeal I think should be recorded.

    The save game functioanlity annoys me that it remembers your percentage and objectives completed, but not where you were and what you were doing prior to the save.

    Great fun, but no hollywood storyline [actually, maybe that should read "has a hollywood story line" after seing some of the drivel that comes out of Hollywood sometimes ]

    Just my tuppense worth...

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