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Thread: Doom III.

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    I agree that more could have been done to improve the game in quite a few aspects;

    1. Monster AI - marines hiding in dark corners waiting for you to walk by is about as clever as it gets
    2. Puzzles were designed for gamers with an IQ of a Sea Cucumber
    3. Too easy on the PC

    However, on X-box it does have some plus points;

    1. It ain't that easy when using a controler
    2. You get to play Doom & Doom 2 which for old gits like me is a real bonus. Now and again you want a bit of a basic, good old fashioned fragfest. Which apart for Serious Sam 1&2 is hard to find on a console
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    im loving the game,

    the best atmosphere IMO ever created by a gaming experience

    mind you i only have the XBOX version


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    the atmosphere and visuals are stunning. As far as I can see its the sound that really creates the atmosphoere. This is one of the reasons that after 5 years I updated my PC (in order to play the game).

    I have to admit the game its self is a little tedious in that...walk to end of level, find door locked, walk back to start of level to collect key, walk back to door to open.

    Lots of monster killed and bicycle clip on the trouser moments in between.

    I'm going to give it a weak 6/10 for game play a good solid 9 for graphics/atmosphere and for features within the game, wepons, PDA, interaction a good 7.
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    As has been said elsewhere, its a suerb (if dark) engine looking for a game.

    Oh hang on, that was me...
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