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Thread: Antec TruePower 430W PSU

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    Antec TruePower 430W PSU

    I have been wondering what Item needs to be reviewed by Yours truly. What one item would I most like people to get for thier won benefit.

    And it boils down to the Antec TruePower 430W Power Supply Unit that I borught nearly a year ago. I was having PC woes, with random shut downs, that eventually turned out to be a duff stick of ram. But in my journey to get it sorted, I turned to buying the best PSU that I could justify.

    And this is it.

    Now what does a PSU really do, other than cost you a lot of dough, when in fact "surely a bargain 550W PSU for £10 is better value"

    As with all thing eletrical, quality is more vital than I can explain.

    I shan't attempt technical details. I shall simply put it like this.

    It weighs a lot more than my old PSU. It has more fans, in better positions, that properly pull air out of my case, and yet it is quieter. By a long margin.

    It will power almost any machine I care to build in the next few years. It runs my current setup (3SCSI HDD, 1 SCSI optical, 1 EIDE optical, Radeon9800Pro and 3 case fans) with zero effort.

    So I would like to ask each of you who is thinking of the long term of your PC, to consider the next upgrade to be a very very good PSU. And this model seems the best of the bunch. But if you have a few extra quid, get the next one up. it wont even break a sweat on your new rig then

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    decent, ill tell my mate (whos looking for a new one to consider this!)

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    I just got one of these in an Antec 1080AMG case. My first "proper" PSU so difficult to compare, but I am very happy with how quiet and cool it keeps the case/cpu. I have no need to add extra fans. I am about to get a 6800 to add to the A64, so we shall see how it performs fully loaded. The reason I purchased it? Well value for money. Although around £65, I picked it up with the monster of an Antec case for £75. Thats a bit more than a cheap fancy case and as good as a nice case on its own with a cheap PSU. Also from all I have read Antec may not be the best performing (OCZ I think ATM) but they are tops for reliability. I firmly believe we do not put enough store in this virtue!
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