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Thread: The Razer Diamondback review by Nooh Saleh ( a so called review that is)

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    The Razer Diamondback review by Nooh Saleh ( a so called review that is)

    Hi all welcome to another episode of a so called review by Nooh Saleh. Anyway after my last frustration and the review I did I feel much better > mainly that its all out and I am not burning any longer.

    Anyway let me cut to the chase I am happy ( even though they killed my hard earnt review) Still happy , so much happens in life but you put a smile on your face and move along.

    Well let me start on a goodnote and say thankyou to Hexus and I mean that , no matter how frustrated I am and get they still put up with me , bless you guys

    Been longing to use the Mexican for a long time , this Mexicans to you hexus.

    Today its all about the Razer mouse Diamondblack and the way it is for me , I mean what it means to me in the way of daily use and even value for money or not?

    There is this one thing I would like this review to to start on and that is a good Note and this review is mainly for Scan ( like most of my reviews) They don't shower me with gifts but they do look after me ,even give me the odd game now and then , that just rocks) and the fact they deserve this honor.

    You will see in this review when ordering items like these make such a difference and they make it worthwhile for a customer.

    This pic you see above shows me dedication , had work and fast delivery , I got this in post today and guess what it hasn't even been 24 hours for me to order it. Man this is lurve and nothing like the EVGA incident and how that made me feel.

    I have a logitech (2 of them ) which I bought from argos for £30 and in scan they are £20 , also when I bought the logitech I thought I was buying quality , well the mouse I bought from there has never seen quality in its life and if quality was to walk up and stand in front of it , the mouse would not recognize it.

    Now the picture above shows a lot and I mean a lot. I am a salesrep , I know advertising , recognize advertising , the importance of advertisng if you were to Blindfold me , I can simply smell it.

    The picture above is art , what I see in this picture is something you may never see but like they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This picture shows the security of scan , meaning they go that extra mile even after its packed so the customer knows its BRAND NEW , he amount of people I have seen claiming things were used is unbelievable , for those people please look at this again dedication and with scan written all over it , two birds with one stone.

    This my friends is just the outside . Now lets all venture in , I am sorry if you guys feel if I am getting on a bit with the whole jargon but to them I say this , give credit where credit due and that my friends is dedication. Also I don't get any money out of this ( hexus thinks I do , he he he ) I do it cos I think every now and then you need to tell the workers your doing a good job.

    Now look again before you next time complain about delivery times and what have you , this dedication , Look at all the bubble wrap , there is so much that I wanted to put a phot with it but I thought Nooh your taking the Michael and hexus will be thinking who gave this monkey a camera ( me a monkey )

    Now Before I go on with the little so called review of the mouse I would like to tell you something else.

    Do you see the packers doing there job , the invoice maker and the Citlink delivery guys doing there job. Also this didn't cost me a penny , not a single penny. We all know how expensive things are in the UK and the labour also the material cost s in the UK , now this said and done , don't you see that is a done deal? ALL of this for free , also the mouse I bought was the cheapest in the UK , so I got a discount and something free , not bad heh?

    So remember guys next time you complain don't go down there thoughts and threatened them like some people I know , bloody disgusting , they threaten and they think they will get help.

    So take heed and respect Scan cos they are there for us , yes things sometimes do go wrong but they do try to fix it.

    Ok now Lets get on with the review. The mouse underneath is a good mouse and a mouse that knows its duty , not like the mouse who thinks its a dog and goers walkie s when it feel likes it , or wonder off.

    The RAZER

    now this is the box of the new rodent and you can see and feel the quality , even smell it. It boasts of a lot and it delivers . 40 inches second ,6400 fps = a mouse which is ven a graphic card , man that is awesome dude and if that wasnt enough check this , 5.8mega pixel a second , wow , its even a camera. Better than the tow cards underneath put together

    Damn , this thing is straight out of the oven , Now lets go to the back

    From the back you can tell the colors it comes in other than red , the red is the cheapest because of supply and demand , roughly £1-£2 difference.

    lets go in now , yippeeeeeeee (better late than never)

    It comes with the usual things , cd and old mouse port convertor , perfect if you want to save a usb slot.

    The mouse outside the box , already exited about putting it in , its all about putting it ion my friends , you can not leave it outside , so guys if you one put it in.

    Ahhh ,look at them both a match made in heaven

    Both at night being there for one another and enjoying the fruits of holy matrimony.

    sorry about he picture above , but what it is and you will have to take my word for it and that it is the side buttons , maybe perfect for grenades or front and back. It is a gaming mouse and it does what it say on the package , so all in all its a from me.

    Nice rodent , thankyou hexus for letting me do this review and paying me £500 for it , you lot are brill. Bless also people who feel that they owe the vote to Scan then please vote , they probably win anyway but if they do at least you feel you made it happen , also the fact that first time in my life my Vote did not go to waste. Rest I elave to you , it is your call but this is my 2 cents.

    Also If anybody feels I have offended them in anyway I am sorry , people that know me will tell you I am a clean hearted person and I always mean well.

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    also guys if any of you could spend some time filling this in it would mean a great deal to me , they are the ones that keep it cheap for me and I can do a so called review whenever I can , take care and have a nice day.

    This the console where you configure your buttons , its simply class

    And my new custom made mouse mat , it is perfect , everything just glides over it
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