Salmon Steak with Red Pepper Sauce

Prep and cook time: 15- 25 minutes

Serves: 4

1 jar cooked and peeled red peppers
300ml fish stock
50ml dry vermouth
pinch saffron strands
salt and freshly ground black pepper
15g unsalted butter
4 150g salmon steaks


Drain the peppers and finely chop the flesh.

Put the stock, vermouth and saffron strands in a saucepan and over a moderate heat reduce to ½ in volume.

Warm a non stick frying pan over a heat and dust with a little salt.

Carefully lay the salmon steaks into the pan to cook, allowing to seal and cook halfway through before turning over and finishing from the other side.

Return the stock mixture to the heat, add the chopped pepper and warm over a moderate heat. Check the flavour to ensure the sauce is not too salty nor too tart.

Whisk in the butter and remove from the heat.

Top serve, pool the sauce onto each plate then settle a piece of salmon onto each one, garnish with a few chives.