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Thread: Issues with custom 1150 system

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    Issues with custom 1150 system

    I've already sent a ticket and email about this, but I was hoping to get a faster reply here as I'd like to get this sorted before the week is out.

    My system arrived today (Wednesday) and there are a few issues with it, missing accessories, build instructions not followed, and one of the graphics cards seems to be bending quite a bit.

    First the missing accessories:

    The 5.25" optical drive bay covers from the Define R5 were not set to me.

    I ordered three Noctua NF-A14 FLX fans, each one will have come with a Low Noise Adapter (LNA), a Ultra Low Noise Adapter (ULNA), a 3:4 Pin Adapter and a 30cm Extension Cable. Of all of them only one 30cm Extension Cable was used in the system, and none of the rest have been sent.

    The Nocuta NH-U14s will have come with a Low Noise Adapter (LNA), along with Anti-Vibration Pads and fan clips for fitting an extra fan, none of these were sent to me.

    So in total I am missing:

    From the three Noctua NF-A14 FLX fans:
    3x Low Noise Adapters (LNAs)
    3x Ultra Low Noise Adapters (ULNAs)
    3x 3:4 Pin Adapters
    2x 30cm Extension Cables

    From the Noctua NH-U14s:
    1x Low Noise Adapter (LNA)
    4x Anti-vibration pads
    2x Fan-clips

    From the Fractal Design Define R5:
    2x 5.25" Optical Drive Bay covers

    I will be needing these accessories.

    Second, I had requested the the Low Noise Adapters be added to the Noctua case fans as part of the build and was told that it would be passed on to the system builder, but they haven't been. This really wouldn't have been an issue as I could have simply added them myself, but as I've already indicated, none of those fan accessories have been sent to me, so I can't even do that.

    Finally, of the two MSI 970s used in the build, the bottom one seems to be bending at the back to quite a large extent compared to the top one, to the point where I'm worried about the integrity of it.

    If someone can reply here or to my email tomorrow (Thursday) I'd appreciate it.
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    Re: Issues with custom 1150 system


    We are sorry to hear you are missing the extras please send us the invoice / build number to and we will look into this for you



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    Re: Issues with custom 1150 system

    Thank you, invoice and build numbers have been emailed to the provided address.

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