Hi all.

First post here but I was looking for advice and everyone seems to the rather knowledgeable and friendly.

I bought my last computer from Scan and after getting my dodgy graphics card replaced its been a good machine but time for an upgrade.

I am looking at the Nanu systems 3XS are currently offering and I was wondering if any of you have bought one and what you think of it? I would also like some advice on what upgrades would be recommended from the standard spec.
I'm not looking for cutting edge levels of power but something that can hold its own and be tucked away.

I don't have the time to game like I used to but I still would like to be able to run recent titles when I get the time but I want to keep the system as quite as possible (I seem to have bad luck in choosing graphics cards which double as space heaters and need loud fans!). I am also looking for some advice on SSDs as I want enough room to breathe once the OS has been installed and have room for my most frequently played games so I can get the best performance out of titles such as Civ 5, Diablo 3 and COD etc.

Thanks and I look forward to reading your advice.


TLDR version

-Nanu system - any good?
-Advice on upgrades from base spec
-Advice on SSDs