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Thread: Problems with SCAN lg175 (graphical artifacts etc)

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    Problems with SCAN lg175 (graphical artifacts etc)

    I have a few problems in which I will divide into points.

    In summary, I tried to fix it by myself but it seems that nothing worked. Generally I receive graphical artifacts in SOME games. I don't know what is the cause because it's sort of weird problem. Here are few games which I have problem with:

    1. In League of Legends, when I start the game in high graphic (everything in HQ) there are some parts in which the screen goes dark for 2-3 seconds. Thats on average 5 times per 30min game. However if I choose CUSTOM options (for example everything in HQ but i don't want shadows, the game will give me some artifacts of textures in the game which is not ...basically playable and the on avg. of 30 min game on that time screen will go 10 times.

    2. In counter strike source, I cannot even play that game. After entering any map...I receive straight graphical artifacts, with 'squares' blinking on every part of my screen, sometimes I'm even able to see by wall. After playing 2-3 mintues CSS the game crashes. The main information I receive in the middle is :cmd buffer...something , but on the right bottom I will receive information: Display driver Nvidia Windows Kernel Mode driver, (whatever driver version I have) has stopped responding and has successfully recovered.

    3. Same problem as I mentioned in point 2, I have in garrys mod and team fortress2 and I played for my little cousin Rollecoster Tycon 3 and I have dark screen problem...just like I mentioned in point 1


    Currently the games which seems to be perfectly fine are: Left 4 Dead 2 and Train Simulator 2014 (on best graphics options)

    I spoke to your customer service, and they told me that I should not update nvidia driver. As a result I have currently version 311.66 . However INTEL graphics and other parts from them are updated to the newest.

    If there is more info you need please ask me what do you need to know, I really need help to resolve this problem

    Update from 11.03.2014
    One thing I realised is the games such as L4D2 or TS2014 the temperature of nvidia is increasing up to 66-68C max. However in the games such as CSS, LOL and so on...graphic card stays at the same temperature of 44C...which is not basically responding to be used in game
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