I'm a tad frustrated with 3XS at the moment as I've been waiting a while now! I placed my order 20th Sept, a music production laptop. The website told me 21st Sept delivery, which I thought was wildly quick and I figured it was wrong, so I ignored that and waited.

I got an email a day later explaining the laptop chassis isn't in stock - they are expecting a delivery on the Friday (25th), with 3-4 days to build and deliver. No problem I thought as I had a recording session organised for Saturday 3rd October, it'll be a tight turnaround but ultimately ok. I sent an email on the 25th asking if the chassis was now stock - no response.

I logged a live chat call beginning of last week, asking if there's any update, I was told I'd need to speak with the logistics team so my enquiry was passed on and I was told they'd call me back - I never received a call back.

I called mid-last week and was told that the delivery didn't come for the 25th and in fact is expected for Friday 9th October - I just wish they'd actually told me instead of desperately trying to find out. I had to cancel my recording session (at financial cost to myself) as I had no update until it was just too late.

I started a live-chat yesterday (5th) to see if there's any update on delivery date - at this point I'm unsure of the 9th date, and I don't expect to be updated. I was told the logistics team would call me that day, they didn't. I did a live-chat today and was told they'd call me today, they haven't so far.

At this point I'm completely frustrated. I understand that getting stock in isn't in their control, but:
1. It'd be fantastic to know there's parts not in stock BEFORE I placed my order so I had realistic expectations
2. I've had NO communication to update me about the 9th, I had to really dig to find that information. The only time they ever contacted me was to say the chassis would be in stock for the 25th September.

Frankly I've no idea what to do at this point and am very much thinking about cancelling my order. I've had near zero communication.