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Thread: My Experience of Q-Collect and Visiting Scan

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    My Experience of Q-Collect and Visiting Scan

    (This post is just to share my experience and maybe provide some points where i thought Scan could improve, hopefully it will be taken in the good spirit its posted in!)

    So im in the middle of building my new HTPC and i decide a few bits that i already had and was going to use arent up to the job (), but its Friday and if i want to build it over the weekend i cant wait for bits to be delivered!

    Scan is only 45mins or so away from me, so i decided i'd go and collect all my bits through the Q-Collect system on the Saturday, i order friday evening between 6 and 7pm and receive what appears to be an order confirmation, however no order shows in my account (it was just a copy of my order it turns out). I ring up about 10.30am Saturday to see if ill be able to pick up my order today (tragedy if i cant! ), but the nice lady tells me they're just waiting for my hard drive to come over from the other warehouse and it should only be 20mins or so, after which i should get my stage 3 email (she actioned the first two whilst i was on the phone i guess) and sure enough 20 mins later its all ready to collect! Excellent!

    Map in hand i find my way to the area Scan is in, pretty easy, you just point your car at the reebok stadium! However, i thought there was a distinct lack of signage pointing me to the Scan store, i got to a little roundabout which was very nearby and it teased me with Scan Advertising boards, but no mention of the direction i should be travelling! I took a guess at the road to turn down, which again had no Scan signs and the only visable signs were for RBS and finally i pull up at the front of the scan store, but yet again not even a small sign telling me it was! (However fairly obvious from the Skyline R34 GT-R with the SCAN numberplate ) I did later see the big sign on the side, but im not sure where this is visable from, i didnt see it on the way!

    And finally, i wandered in also hoping for a big sign pointing me towards the Q-Collect counter, but to no avail and i had to question a nervous looking shopper on where i might find it. But once at the counter i hand over my confirmation and within 2-3minutes i have my full order in my hands and im walking out of the store a little taken aback at the speed of my processing, particularly compared to other stores ive experienced!

    All in all, a great shopping experience, if only slightly hampered by a lack of signs.

    Thanks again SCAN

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    Hmm, I just checked the route on Multimap, only a 40 min (61 km) journey for me
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    Re: My Experience of Q-Collect and Visiting Scan

    Q Collect Rules!
    Never had a prob with signs inside (tho I notice a few more now ) or outside!
    Used one of those old fashioned paper maps!

    Long queues in the days before Q Collect i dimly remember
    Parking can be the prob now, but not an issue if its a small order u can park in the shopping areas and walk across by Focus DIY....

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