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Thread: Antec 1200 fans not included?

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    Antec 1200 fans not included?


    Just a quick question, on the technical specs of the Antec 1200 on scan
    it states that fans are not included, does this mean that the fans are already assembled in case so there's no fans included or literally no fans included with the case. If latter, how many are included, 2*120 & 1*200 fans?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Antec 1200 fans not included?

    All the fans you see in the picture are included (1 x 200mm + 5 x 120mm), the only ones excluded are the side window and the hard drive bracket fan. Unless this is a special model of the 1200 that Scan have

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    Re: Antec 1200 fans not included?

    I've had that case off Scan, and it includes 6 fans. Already installed.

    1 big ass fan push fan, on top
    2 normal size push fans, on back
    3 normal size pull fans, on front

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