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Thread: Fatal1ty AN8 RMA help

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    Question Fatal1ty AN8 RMA help

    Hey All,

    Is there anyone here that might be able to help with an RMA request for an Abit AN8 Fatal1ty motherboard? I did send a request though the scan site a week ago but no response. Apologies if this isnt the intended purpose of these forums!

    I bought a bunch of computer components earlier this year, (16th February if a date's needed). After putting it all together I discovered that the machine was suffering from seemingly random lockups on use. Sometimes these would not happen for on a given day, other times it will happen non-stop. This can also lead to random resets on reboot and failiure to be able to boot from either SATA or PATA devices (although they are recognised).

    It has taken me a while to discover the source of the problem, as with the graphics card being PCI Express and the CPU being s939 I have had to wait to access other machines to test these components on. I initially thought it might be the SATA hard drive I was using, but after trying another two PATA drives (on fresh installs), I had to rule this out. I also wondered if it was the power, but as the machine resets on boot or when doing nothing but web-browsing, (with only the HDD and graphics card attached), I ruled this out too. I even borrowed a 600W Enermax (a beast of a PSU!) from a freind to make sure.

    In the end problem was with the motherboard, I have tested all other components on other systems and tried different components on the motherboard and the problem still persists. Reseting/Updating the BIOS has also failed to fix it. My guess is maybe the nforce4 core is damaged, but this is only my speculation based on the varying problems the board has had.

    I did try to contact Abit UK directly to resolve this via their UK telephone number but it seems no-one is ever around in their office to help me out. If any Scan chaps are willing to help me out, the invoice number was: 00E478036


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    What memory you got ?
    I had constant locking-up issues with my baord too. Using some OCZ and setting the RAM timings in the BIOS to Auto caused it to die randomly.
    Once these were changed manualy to the correct ones, it worked fine
    Seems to be a common problem from research on other forums too.
    Worth a shot

    (btw: have you run memtest on it ?)
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    I've emailed the post you did to Philip in Returns.

    He should be emailing you shortly to assist you further.

    Best Regards,

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