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Thread: Scans Address Details+ Delivery

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    Scans Address Details+ Delivery

    #1I've never had this problem on another site, so I figured I'd posted and see if the problem was with me.
    Scan asks for:

    House Number

    Please enter a house name

    Please enter an address Address 1

    Please enter an address Address 2

    The problem I'm having is that you have to have a house number or house name, on all other sites I use "66 Madeup Street" for address 1, "Madeup Village" for address 2, with neither house number or house name. If I use anything different, my CC company blocks the transaction.

    #2 How can I select shipment to ROI, or do I need to contact you guys via email to sort it out?


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    If you are placing an order to thr ROI, Please contact the sales line on - 0870 755 4747, so we can take the order for you.


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