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Thread: Ebuyer & Google Checkout!!

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    Ebuyer & Google Checkout!!

    Not a great mix - so please don't even attempt it ...

    Ordered a Hard Drive from Ebuyer on the 20th of October and today (26th) get a note from them saying "We have a Stock Issue with this product" please phone this number.

    I plan my response ...
    First of all phone (via mobile) the number given and 22 people are ahead of me in the queue I will phone back later. 9 people ahead of me, finally I get through and speak to the operator ... phone goes dead (out of credit). Almost £5 down.

    Secondly I go on the website and plan to tell them to cancel it via that means - seems impossible to do with their garbage Enote System ... Order is not even in my account as I placed the order via Google Checkout.

    Thirdly call them via mothers land line (which has BT Basic installed so calls are not free). About 10 minutes later I get through to the operator - ITEM HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED and is no longer available. I ask why they didn't just put that on the email instead of this routine, operator says that we can offer something similar would I be interested .... F****** NO CHANCE - give me a refund.

    So the morale of the story is Ebuyer seem to be almost impossible to contact now via email and won't be getting any of my cash in a hurry ... but add Google Checkout to the mix and you are just asking for a kicking.


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    Re: Ebuyer & Google Checkout!!

    I would suggest every company has its issues, even Scan which i'm afraid to say, been trying to call the RMA line all day without a pickup, gave up trying in the end and put it through the webform.
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    Re: Ebuyer & Google Checkout!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Yosh View Post
    I would suggest every company has its issues, even Scan which i'm afraid to say, been trying to call the RMA line all day without a pickup, gave up trying in the end and put it through the webform.
    Webform is the easiest way to contact Scan if it be for advice or an RMA query it will get answered, its free and there is no waiting on the phone. We have busy periods on the phone and also quiet periods.
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    Re: Ebuyer & Google Checkout!!

    Ebuyer enotes have always worked great for me and for everyone that I know even for google checkout orders. IIRC, for google checkout they ask you to create an account, then they can link the order to that account - worked fine when I helped a mate do an RMA - he got a full refund on a external hard disk that developed a fault after 9 months!

    All companies are going to occasionally have glitches. If this puts you off ebuyer, then it is your loss too, as they are one of the best for price and service.

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    Re: Ebuyer & Google Checkout!!

    I find ebuyer great at rma's, my first rma with scan on an item with 3 years warranty that was 9 months old cost me the postage to send back, with ebuyer my last rma was with a tv that had 12 months warranty, it was 15 months old they collected repaired and returned foc, with a hard drive 9 months old, they collected, tested and replaced with new within 5 days all foc.

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