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Thread: Storm chasers

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    Storm chasers

    For those Storm users amongst us, there appears to be a fairly extensive bug fix release of the device software on its way. Not sure how quickly it will be pushed out to Vodafone users, much of this may be specific to Verizon, I'm not sure.

    From EngadgetMobile:

    • Fixed bug where Mute and End buttons would work incorrectly while using an A2DP headset on a call.
    • Fixed bug that caused display to briefly show small, multi-colored dots across the entire screen.
    • Fixed bug that could cause a white bar to display on the screen.
    • Fixed bug that could cause custom ringtones to play even when phone is set to vibrate.
    • Fixed bug where pictures taken in landscape mode and sent could show in portrait.
    • Fixed rare bug causing notifications not to show for incoming text messages.
    • Fixed bug causing call timer to intermittently show incorrectly.
    • Fixed bug causing an error and possibly display issues when more than 40 items are present in the call log.
    • Fixed rare bug where multitap keypad could behave like SureType keypad.
    • Fixed bug where if a music artist is deleted from the phone, the artist's tracks could still show.
    • Fixed bug preventing renaming of file extensions on music playlists.
    • Fixed bug causing choppy audio playback on downloaded WMA files.
    • Fixed rare bug where phone could reset while recording a video for MMS attachment.
    • Fixed bug that could cause the device to stop responding and display an error when pausing a video recording.
    • Fixed bug that prevented the backlight from timing out while playing streamed video content.
    • Fixed bug with display of track names containing periods.
    • Reduced amount of time it takes to begin playing MP3 files.
    • Fixed bug that could cause viewfinder to not display correctly when camera is started in portrait mode and quickly flipped to landscape.
    • Fixed bug that occasionally caused screen to briefly show white after taking a picture.
    • Fixed rare bug that caused phone to reset when taking a picture with image stabilization and white board effect enabled.
    • Fixed rare bug where camera application would remain open after user had closed it.
    • Fixed rare bug where camera application would start without being commanded to do so.
    • Fixed bug that could cause phone to go to EV-DO after an automatic reset when it is in 1X-only mode.
    • Improved capability in auto off/on functionality for connecting to wireless networks when turning back on.
    • Enhanced system to ensure OTA updates continue if media card is removed.
    • Added Arabic language support.
    • Added full support for English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish in the East Asia language pack.
    • Added rendering support for Indonesian Bahasa, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.
    • Added "Go" buttons next to address and search fields in the browser and search application respectively.
    • Added Phone icon to home screen.
    • Removed Call Log icon in Applications folder.
    • Device can now be upgraded OTA using either internal memory or a media card.
    • Improved volume consistency across applications and calls.
    • Fixed rare bug to prevent uncommanded scrolling of text.
    • Improved speed when composing messages.
    • Improved speed in Calendar application when selecting "go to date".
    • Fixed bugs to ensure Application Permission screen is always correctly displayed.
    • Fixed various bugs causing device resets.
    • Fixed rare bug causing device to freeze while using Voice Dial.
    • Improved accuracy of signal strength meter.
    • Fixed rare bug where phone could lose data connectivity.
    • Fixed bug to ensure new languages can always be added.
    • Fixed bug to ensure phone always vibrates and beeps for incoming text messages when it is set to do so.
    • Fixed bug that could cause device to not allow text messages to be sent to numbers in the Frequently Dialed Number list.
    • Fixes to make sure emails are always displayed correctly.
    • Fixed bugs that could cause static on phone calls.
    • Fixed bug that could prevent audio from routing through a Bluetooth headset when using speed dial.
    • Enhancements to ensure that phone features are not accidentally accessed when phone is held up to ear.
    • Fixed bug to ensure holding down the 1 button always triggers voicemail.
    • Fixed bug that could prevent .odf files stored on media cards from playing correctly.
    • Fixed bug that could inform the user they don't have rights to play music when the message is not necessary.
    • Fixed bug causing popping noises in downloaded songs.
    • Improved display of files saved on media cards in all applications.
    • Fixed bugs preventing creation and opening of playlists in some circumstances.
    • Fixed bug that could prevent access to the Music Library from the Options menu in the media player.
    • Improved support for streaming video content whose URLs are longer than 512 characters.
    • Fixed bug preventing correct display of streaming video content sent in a text message.
    • Improved accuracy of progress bars displayed when downloading files.
    • Fixed bugs preventing preview of songs when using V CAST Rhapsody.
    • Fixed bugs preventing playback of video recorded on the phone.
    • Improvements to prevent intermittent error messages displayed in the media player.
    • Sped up display of pictures.
    • Fixed bug that could cause pictures to display at the wrong resolution.
    • Fixed rare bug causing device to lock while typing.
    • Fixed bugs involving incorrect display of keyboard.
    • Made sure device remains in portrait mode while being unlocked in portrait mode.
    • Full QWERTY keyboard now available in portrait mode.
    • Improved performance and stability with pre-loaded games.
    • Fixed bug causing Incoming Call screen to not show when user is in some applications.
    • Fixed bug that could prevent LED indicator from turning on when device is charged.
    • Fixed bug causing Enterprise Activation screen to show after activation is complete.
    • Improved display rotation speed while viewing contacts.
    • Improved data call setup when switching wireless technologies.

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    Re: Storm chasers

    This was 113 release notes, however vodafone have confirmed that 118 is being tested atm, so although all these listed fixes are still valid, there should "hopefully" be more improvement added

    Fingers crossed

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    Re: Storm chasers

    These are very beneficial guidelines for us. But one annoying thing during storm are scammers! Hurricane season is here again, as if the pummeling the Gulf Coast just took from blowhard Isaac was not enough proof. And in the aftermath of hurricanes, as with most natural disasters, come the storm chaser: a particularly low form of fraudster who is desperate to make a quick killing at the cost of the victims.

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