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Thread: Can I save message folders from Nokia 3100

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    Can I save message folders from Nokia 3100

    Hi, I hope you can help me. I have just bought an O2 X3 and have transferred the sim card from my Nokia 3100.

    It Has transferred all my contacts, but not my folders with text messages in. I know that I can download PC suite from Nokia (When I get the right cable) and hopefull save the folders to my pc.

    But what I really need to know is, can I then transfer the folders to my new O2 phone, or can they only be transferred to another Nokia.

    I have messages on it too precious to lose from one of my sons, who has since died. I hope you can help me with this, as the most I ever use my phone for is for calls/text. Not very technical otherwise. Thanks for reading Polly.

    PS There is no facility on the 3100 to save the folders to the sim card

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    dont know how much use this is but,

    dont go for nokia suite, download oxygen phone manager, from their site, its freeware btw, and get a cable from ebay, i got mine for 8 pounds with ringtonse and jazz like that, it will let you take pictures messages and the like off your phone, and is nice and easy to use,

    thanks, thomas
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    I'm afraid you'll either need to move the messages individually back onto the sim (not sure if the 3100 can do this) or use some sort of PC phone manager like Oxygen or one of the freeware ones to get the messages off. There won't be a way to set up folders automatically to mirror the Nokia on your new phone either unfortunately. Again a PC utility may help here, but I'm not familiar with the X3.

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