My Sony Aqua M4 has been crashing a lot since the last update to Marshmallow. It wasn't perfect before, but it seems to reboot at least once per day now. I tried wiping it which didn't help, the next step would be to use the Sony companion utility for Windows to perform a "repair" which should re-flash the phone. If the repair is successful, it will still be so full of bloatware Sony apps that I can hardly install anything into the 8GB of flash.

So, I dusted off my old Moto G LTE from years ago. It didn't like streaming to my car audio but otherwise never missed a beat. A quick look around and I found a Revolution Remix ROM for the phone which gave me Nougat 7.1.1 with security update for January 5th 2017. Did the install dance which did take ne a while, but I must say it is very good.

Have had to replace the AOSP camera with the Google one so that I can turn the flash on and off, because with the AOSP app the flash menu item is under another control so you can't click on it. If that turns out to be the worst problem, then I will be a happy bunny!