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Thread: Backing up unrooted Samsung Galaxy 7

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    Backing up unrooted Samsung Galaxy 7

    After using my Galaxy S7 for a couple months, I have decided that while I am happy to stick with the stock ROM, I am missing a couple of things that requires root. And looking at the current available procedure to root the phone, it will require a full wipe. So I am wondering if there any and good one stop solution to back up an unrooted Android phone (everything from contact, SMS and application data) to a PC. Preferably one that relies on a USB cable and PC rather than the Cloud (I do not have the fastest/most reliable connection at the moment, so it would be nice if I didn't have to restore from the cloud or re-download apps from the Play store).

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    Re: Backing up unrooted Samsung Galaxy 7

    Most desktop Backup solutions will backup the phone apps including the utility that is provided by the phone's vendor. What I wouldn't know is whether the phone vendor's utility would be compatible on a restore to root. However I'm sure if you have a friend with good internet a coffee or beer at theirs wouldn't hurt to get the apps back.

    If you can afford £17ish then this looks like a good 3rd party android to PC backup application. Because it's not from a hardware vendor is more likely to work on a rooted phone (especially as one of their other apps is to root the phone). I believe there is a trial as well if you want to test it first.

    And a small guide to backing up
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