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Thread: hp elite x3 or lumia 950xl

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    hp elite x3 or lumia 950xl

    I have read specs of phones want to know if Microsoft 950xl is going to keep going with updates and firmware and if hp x3 is any good with updates and firmware release because don't want to make a mistake and get the wrong phone any help would appreciated

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    Re: hp elite x3 or lumia 950xl

    Windows Phone is not technically dead yet... as it shares much of the DNA from PC Windows 10 it still receives core app updates but there really isn't much else going on.

    The HP elite serves a small niche being used by enterprise people and unless your in that field I would not be buying any Windows Phone.

    On top of that MS is getting ready to press the big reset button in the sky with Win 10 Arm PC's running on Snapdragon 835 chips with x86 emulation and rumored support for digital sim cards so no need for a physical sim along with a dynamic interface called cshell. Wether these devices will come in any kind of phone form factor remains to be seen, my guess is the Surface Phone will be a 2 in 1 of some kind that turns from a basic feature phone (win 10 core apps) into a mini laptop or tablet of some kind that runs Win Store & Win32 desktop apps. MS say Arm PC's are coming near the end of the year.

    When the above happens Windows Phone is then officially dead as neither the 950/x3 feature a Snapdragon 835 so are not supported by mainline PC Windows 10 OS.

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