Has anyone got experience of using a magnetic charging cable they can share?

My work phone is an iphone, my personal phone is USB-C, and I have a few other chargeable devices that are micro-usb. So I've started looking at magnetic charging cables to be able to use just 1 cable to charge them all...

This one looks like the best I've seen so far: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07QTHZBXN/

However, I'm not keen on the magnet being on the device end - because I work in an environment where metal filings may get into my pockets (industrial electrician) - are there any good ones that have a magnet on the cable end?

When I google for reviews of magnetic charging cables, it all looks like junk websites set up for affiliate links, that don't have any decent reviews, so I'm keen to hear from anyone that uses one of these magnetic charging cables.