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Thread: i-Mate K-Jam - Where in stock?

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    i-Mate K-Jam - Where in stock?

    Ready to treat myself to an i-mate k-jam. But can't find anywhere in stock. Did order from on Monday as their website claimed stock. When I went to track the parcel (as they claimed next day for items in stock), the page said out of stock. There is a definite 'bug' in their system. Called up and they said stock next day. Called again next day and said same thing. Cancelled order as they didn't seem that trustworthy.

    So who's got any in stock? Expansys claim Nov 25!

    BTW - has to be an O2 contract as I have a PAC from my Vodafone to port a number. Cannot stay on Vodafone as want the upgrade price which is a lot cheaper.

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    Try here They say they`ve got 634 in stock now Prolly why nobody else has got any.

    I`m savin up for one of these
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