Good evening to you all.

I have had the Nokia N73 for about a week now , and I have to say it's an excellent phone. Ok not the fastest in the world, however full of features , and it hasn't crashed on me yet.

However , I am getting slightly irritated by not being able to switch between General & Silent , via the instructions given.

Sure , you can press the on/off button on the top , and then scroll down to silent and accept , however the booklet explains another method.

In the book ' Getting Started ' on page 12 it explains ' Useful Shortcuts ' Halfway down it explains " To switch between General and Silent profiles , press & hold #

I have done & tried this many times , however all that happens is the # comes up as though I'm making a call.

I can't really think what I'm doing wrong , as I'm just following the simple instructions. There are occasions when I want to put the phone into silent profile , and being able to do this by pressing one button would make things alot easier.

Can anyone with this phone , or maybe other Nokia N series phones possibly explain what I may be doing wrong.

Many thanks for any help.

Regards James