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Thread: Palm LifeDrive or Dell Axim X51v

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    Palm LifeDrive or Dell Axim X51v

    Im in the market for a new PDA, my Zire72 is on its last legs and i need a replacement...the battery just will not hold a charge for very long at all and to be fair it feels quite "old" and "dated"

    i like the palm OS but i cant decide wether or not to jump ship to the windows mobile (or is it pocket PC?)

    Pros for the dell are....
    + WiFi and a internet browser that seems to work quite well
    + hopefully will natively support word, pp etc
    + 640x480 screen
    +intel GMA 2700 with 16mb of its own can accelerate Mpeg-1, -2 and -4

    Pros for the Palm...
    + familiar with the OS
    +comes with documents to go so word docs arent a problem
    +3.85Gb of storage

    palm is slightly weaker in the web browser, but i wont be using that much anyway. its got a slower CPU (416mhz intel Xscale vs 624mhz Xscale) and no graphics chip to help it out with media such as video.

    i mainly use my PDA as a kind of calender, carrying useful documents, as a Sat Nav device with TomTom navigator 5, and as a means to jot down lots of things (like a note pad)

    now the palm has a nice notepad thing where you jus write on the screen.... does the windows OS have something like this?

    oh and a big factor... cost. Dell is £280 while the Palm is nearly £100 less!

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    IMO the dell is much better (although I am biased as I have only used ppc 2003 se) - but as you have pointed out the price range is very different so if you value the higher res screen and the extra features of the dell then go for it!

    PPC can do everything palm os can do (I think someone even made an emulator to use palms os apps on a ppc!).

    There is a notepad program as you have described that comes with the device... actually there are quite a few 3rd party ones too

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    brilliant mate.

    i can get a refurb/used dell of ebay so i may go that route and save some cash, few month old products are basically new in my eyes, so long as all the particulars are present and correct i dont care!

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    Thumbs up

    I've had My Dell 51v for quite a while & wouldn't swap it, Love the thing tomtom works great as do word excell ect, & divx on this screen just has to be seen to be believed stunning resco radio via wifi is great through sennheiser head phones so does mp3 great tool Buy one.

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