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Thread: Importing Mail from Outlook 2003 to Windows Mail (Vista x64)

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    Importing Mail from Outlook 2003 to Windows Mail (Vista x64)


    I am currently having trouble importing mail from Outlook 2003 to the Windows Vista built in mail client (Windows Mail).

    As directhex pointed out to me in another thread Outlook 2003 is a bit over board for home mail and the only reason I mainly used it was for the junk mail filter. Now that its offered in Vista and with Office 2007 Home lacking Outlook I wanted to transfer my mail across.

    I am running the 64-bit version of Vista Ultimate and I have Office 2003 installed and Outlook 2003 has all my mail in it. I have no problem transfering accounts but I would like to keep my mail.

    When I go to run the Mail Importer, I get the error message:

    Any ideas on a solution?

    Many thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Splash View Post
    Thanks, worked exactly as said.

    What a time consuming process though just to get my email from Outlook 2003 to Windows Mail, Installing Windows XP (Did this in VirtualPC) and then installing Outlook 2003 in it, copying .pst files from my Vista box to the XP virtual machine, then exporting them from Outlook to Outlook Express, then taking the Outlook Express mail box files transfering them back to Vista to then Import into Windows Mail. Quite a lot to do just to get my mail across.

    One would have thought Microsoft wouldnt ship Vista with a mail client with its importing serverly limited

    Anyways, thanks for that link, worked wonders

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    No probs. I managed to bypass it by running my own IMAP mailserver, so I didn't experience the issues but this seems a fairly common issue.

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