ok i tried going to linux once before, but i have a few problems

what disto do you think will be best for my move? i want to move away from windows. i hear about this smarter computing bit and i dont like it at all, also i want to beable to do pxe. but thats after i can solve these main issues. i can setup another machine to play my windows games, no problem. but i want to learn linux because i want to have the linux skills. but here are my 3 main problems.

1. my ati card will not do dual monitor, it is a ATI 9600 and when i downloaded the drivers from ati and compiled and installed them x11 wouldnt come up i had to set it back to the standard driver (user error?)

2. my soundstorm audio from my motherboard would not work even after i put in the nvidia software, it would work with analog but it would not do dolby digital. anyway to fix that?

3.i am using napster as a legal way to transfer music, is there anyway to port it to linux? ie wine or crossover office. the big problem is it uses windows media player rights management. i could use vmware. but i was thinking of a more direct way i want to stay away from windows if i can.

any help would be appreciated!