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Thread: Visual Basic Noob Alert!!

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    Help with Visual Basic

    Hey ppl. I'm extremely new to the programming side of computing, but i would like to learn, however I only have Visual Basic 6, no additions. I found it on an old cd, im not sure if its mine or not, but is it possible to make a media player of some sort using VB? Or even a very basic program, a guide to making a basic basic program would be appreciated or at least a link to a guide heaven or something
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    yep, its possible to make a media player, my mate did it for his a2 computing project

    tools, componants, and u can get the windows media player controls, stick them on your form and you have a play box - how the code goes i havnt a clue how he did it, but try from there
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    Best way to get into any programming language is to go out and buy a book. You can pick up VB books for aroun 15-20 quid. It will be money well spent.

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