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Thread: Windows update KB824105...?

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    Windows update KB824105...?


    Automatic Updates (a feature of w2k sp3+ and winxp) came up saying, it had downloaded the latest "security update for microsoft windows (kb824105)" - so i went to microsoft and did a search for kb824105 and it couldn't find anything...

    so i wonder what it is?
    and isn't it a bit odd that ms's site doesn't have anything about it?

    well google found nothing either... just to let you know, there's a new update with :

    "A security issue has been identified in Microsoft Windows that could allow an attacker to see information in your computer's memory over a network..."

    aha! here is the web page about it:

    managed to find it by going to
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    yep - my 2003 server at work just decided it wanted that too
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