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Thread: Excel Euro € symbol showing as an l or I ?

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    Excel Euro € symbol showing as an l or I ?

    I spent twenty minutes today, arsing around with the format of some cells that were set as Euro but were showing as a I or possibly an l

    And then it occurred to me... the text SIZE was too small..... I increased from Calibri 11 to Calibri 12....and bingo...

    the cell just coudn't show the € symbol as an 11 sized character.

    Lesson learned....hope it helps someone

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    Re: Excel Euro € symbol showing as an l or I ?

    It depends on the zoom level as well. Below 73% results in the | type character. 73% or above will show the Euro symbol.

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    Re: Excel Euro € symbol showing as an l or I ?

    I think this happened to me a while ago doing some graph work and using characters from the 'symbols' menu, I ended up writing them in!

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