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Thread: Can one still buy OEM lincenses with hardware

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    Can one still buy OEM lincenses with hardware

    I am currently speccing my build without a Windows 10 license as I think I have some spare (developer whose employer has Win 10 licenses, and I'll use my build for work).

    But does anyone know if OEM versions are still available for purchase? I remember being able to buy, say, a W10 license with a HDD, for example.

    I think.

    Or am I going mad?!

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    Re: Can one still buy OEM lincenses with hardware

    Not going mad, you used to get OEM versions sold by vendors as long as you bought certain items, drives, motherboards and possibly CPUs.

    You can still buy OEM versions, no idea if you still have to buy it with hardware or not, presumably thats down to the vendor.

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