Tomorrow, I’m going to build my first HTPC, this’ll be my 3rd computer build in total, but the first where I’m not too sure of what software to install.

I was going to install android at first because i’d prefer the self-contained programs and the clean interface, but then I thought I may be missing out on a lot if I decide on windows.

I wanted to keep it small, clean, but I also want to later add games that are beyond simple mobile spec.

I wanted easy access to the pc to stream it somehow or duplicate it whilst still being able to control it in another room.

I’m obviously aware of Kodi, Plex etc, and there is nothing wrong with these interfaces so i’m going to add them too, along with the usual netflix and amazon. But again, it’s really the games that are worrying me, and that’s aside from the drivers for the dvd player, the rx 560 and the ryzen 3 1200 that i will be using.

I’m looking for something really well rounded to cover all media, I’m not interested in using it for work etc as it’s a media center and I have a normal pc for that.

any suggestions? Thanks