My server has recently got a bit screwed up so I decided to rebuild. My primary boot device is an 80GB SATA drive, and server 2003 doesn't see it unless I hit F6 at the first stages of isntall to install a 3rd party Raid Controller. I've tried a couple differnt floppy drives but neiher will work, so I've tried using a USB floppy drive. I can get the server install to see the USB floppy with the drivers and it proceeds to format the drive, but when its done that it asks for the drivers again and it forgets that the usb floppy is there.

Is there any other way to get the install disk to see the SATA drivers? Can I slipstream the installation CD and the SATA drivers? If I was to slipstream a server 2003 install disk and SP1 would that then already have the SATA drivers?

I'm basically stuck without this and my server is just sat there doing nothing, which just aint good!!

Any help would be very much appreciated.