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Thread: Removing RAM to install in another PC

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    Removing RAM to install in another PC


    Can anyone give advice on removing RAM to install into another PC.

    I have recently purchased a new PC and wish to remove the RAM from old PC to install it into my fathers PC.

    What do I need to know as far as specs? I am new to upgrading PC's so do not know if the RAM in my old PC will be complient with my fathers. Will any motherboard accept any RAM?

    Is it just a case of removing the RAM from motherboard and slotting into my fathers? Or do I need to set up anything via the operating system. My father has XP.

    The RAM that I have is only 128MB and my father has 512MB of RAM. Will it be worth adding my RAM or does it need to be the same size of 512MB to work.

    My father does not use his PC for anything more than using Excel, surfing the net & ripping music off of CD's to his hard drive.

    Thanks to all that read this and respond.

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    ok, first of all you need to know what TYPE of RAM it is, is it static - SD RAM or dynamic DDR RAM. SD and DDR dont work together
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