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Thread: Very slow write speed on new Flash Voyager

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    Very slow write speed on new Flash Voyager

    Hey there, welcome to Hexus Corsair!

    I bought a 1gig Voyager a couple of weeks before Christmas, and ever since I've been thinking there's something wrong with it. I did mail the Ramguy address and got a response suggesting I ring the US 888-222-4346 US Support phone number. I mailed back asking if there was a UK support number or address - but as yet haven't had a response.

    The problem with the drive is that the write speed is really slow. Reading from it is fine, at around 18-20MB/sec, but writing happens at something like 1-1.5MB/sec.

    This is waaaay slower than any of the other flash drives I've got - including two other Flash Voyagers, a 512 and a 2G, and thus I'm wondering if I should be RMA-ing it.

    If you can comment on this one way or the other I'd appreciate it. Are write speeds of this magnitude normal for this model of drive? I don't think so - but I'd like to be sure before deciding what to do.

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    Have look here: Flash Voyager Support Page

    I have heard of some people solving issues similiar to this by reformatting the drive, using a Windows based recovery utility, or a DOS level format. If that does not work, we will gladly replace your drive. Please use the link here inthe Flash section to start an RMA via TSX Tech Support Express.

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