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Thread: Forget weights.......

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    Forget weights.......

    ...forget the gym


    Forget all you know.....

    if you want to work your shoulders and uper arms, if you want your arms like jelly and your shoulders shaking with the efforts.......

    get a new extractor fan for your toilet.... stand on a little ladder.... and with all the power off for safety, spend 2 1/2 hours with your arms above your head, trying to fit it.

    Obviously this is only viable if you buy slightly the wrong version of the extrator, and don't realise for several hours. but still......

    if you want arms that won't lift above horizontal the day after .....forget the gym
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    Re: Forget weights.......

    Thought this was a thread about queue jumping.
    One of my loo extractor fans went ages ago - basically the timer only cuts out if the lights are off - who knew that an extractor fan wouldn't like being on for 2 days? Well tbh, I did know, but I just pressed the wrong light switch on my way out and just happened to only use my other ensue bathroom for that weekend.
    I assessed the DIYness difficulty and called for a sparky.
    It took him some weeks to find an oblong fan - putting in the replacement square one would have meant patching a gap in the ceiling.
    He's coming next week - hopefully he'll problem solve why a light comes on in the timer box of the fan that is broken when the fan switch is off, but then, no light comes on at all for the good working fan.
    I think that my "if you touch this job you'll make it worse" DIY tingly instincts will have served me well this time.
    I hope that next time I muck up up some DIY that I get some temporary physical incapacity that will render me incapable of messing something else up.

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    Re: Forget weights.......

    Heh, forget extractor fans - I'll raise you plasterboarding a ceiling. I suspect it saved me quite in bit in labour costs compared to getting a professional to do it (I did pay to get it skimmed properly), but lordy my arms were NOT happy about it ... and that was with two of us working on it!

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