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Ok here's a recipe I got recently from my hero of the moment Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall of River Cottage fame

The first is a classic rarebit and then a simple variant that adds a few leaks for substance.

Ingredients to serve 4

50g Butter
50g Flour
300ml ale ( not brown ale, a pale variety, no lager)
English Mustard ( although I have also varied it with wholegrain with guiness)
Lee & Perrins
150g Mature cheddar (preferably mature)
4 Doorsteps of white loaf

For Leeky Variant, makes a more substantial meal of it.
Tsp Olive oil
knob of butter
2 medium leeks

Add 50g butter to a saucepan on a medium heat ( dont burn the butter) and melt this then add 50g of flour and cook out to make a roux add the 300ml of warmed ale to the roux slowly enough stirring pretty vigorously so that you get a non-lumpy sauce. When all ale is added then add the 150g of cheese and mix it through until it is melted and you have a cheesy aley goo. If you are not adding leeks it is now almost ready. Season the beer mixture to taste with some Lee & Perrins and some english mustard, normally a good splash of worcester and a tsp of mustard is about enough.
Toast the doorsteps on both sides then spoon the gooey mixture over each slice dividing evenly between the four slices then grill until it starts to bubble and go brown on top. Serve immediately ( with the ale leftovers mmmm )

For the leeky version
Slice the leeks fairly finely then add to a pan with oil and butter (the oil added to the butter stops it burning) in and sautee until the leaks are sweated down and soft, add these to the cheesy mixture just before seasoning with worcester and mustard and proceed as before.